How To Change Hotmail Password On iPhone 7/6 : 2017

How To Change Hotmail Password On iPhone – Emailing has been around since the birth of the internet. The very founding features of online communication were through email services. Over the years we have seen the rise and demise of many email clients. But one name remains common throughout all these years and it is the Hotmail. Hotmail itself hasn’t had quite a smooth lifetime. After being bought out by Microsoft for their integration of a mailing client in their new operating system of windows me, Hotmail had been receiving quite the criticism. Unlike most other mailing clients it was not free but instead the users were forced to pay the company to be able to use it. This created opportunities for free mailing services like Gmail to thrive and grow out its businesses.

After losing a chunk of its users to Gmail, the developers realized their mistakes and made Hotmail a free to use service. This brought Gmail and Hotmail to the same page and this is when the technology war started. Both the companies started developing modules for their email clients in order to lure the users to get their services and it is still going on. In my opinion, both the services are great on their own and require nothing more at this point. Today our main aim to make sure that our readers are able to use Hotmail to the best of their advantages.

Security in Hotmail is something that is taken quite seriously and the ability to be able to change your password is one that makes things quite easy for us all. If you think that your account is being used by anyone else or if you feel that your account has been hacked then you can quite easily change your login credentials and enjoy the freedom of security. With a conveniently placed “ forgot my password “ button you can change your password. Today we are going to look at ways to which we would be able to do so in our handheld devices like the iPhone too.

How To Change Hotmail Password On iPhone

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Change Hotmail Password On iPhone – Steps

There are many ways to change your credentials on any device that you use. In the regular trend most smartphones have got internet access and using the web is something that can be done in a few clicks so it is no rocket science that you’d be able to change your Hotmail passwords as well. With the influx of apps for almost each and everything, Hotmail to has a dedicated app for its iOS users.

It is recommended that you get this app before changing your passwords. Here are the steps to be able to change your password on your device –

  • Firstly, download the Hotmail app from here –
  • Now open up Safari on your iOS device.
  • Type in
  • Tap on the forgot password button.
  • Enter correct details like security question answers or the code sent to your registered mobile number.
  • After that is done you would be allowed to reset your email Id password.

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How To Change Hotmail Password On iPhone 7/6 : 2017
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