[Updated] Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts : Windows 10/8/7

Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts Windows – Hotmail is by far one of the oldest and one of the most well-evolved email client that has been ever created. In its initial days Hotmail was a paid messaging client for users only in the USA but since then Hotmail has changed a lot and has found itself to become one of the most used email services all around the world. With its unique interface, it has gotten itself with many users. Some of the most common users are students and business persons. Hotmail is quite intimidating to use. With it’s over the top environment, things can get pretty confusing for almost anyone. So here we are to help you out with some common shortcuts while using Hotmail that can help you a lot in your day to day usage of the email service.

As we all know developers love to embed shortcuts to their creations so that users can do things faster provided they learn them by heart. We all love and know the copy-paste shortcuts, these things have changed computing forever. Everyone knows about these shortcuts yet they are not put to use. This is why we’re going to help out users with the knowledge about the regular shortcuts that can come in handy while using Hotmail as their daily mailing client.

There are more than 50 shortcuts which are embedded in the emailing suite of Hotmail. Users can use these to their advantages and make sure that they are able to save some of their important time. This is a great way to do things quickly as well and can be of great help to almost everyone. Through these shortcuts, you can do a lot of stuff and this increases a lot of your productivity. There are many reasons to using shortcuts and we are here to discuss how they can be of great help to everyone.

Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

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Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts –

Modifier Key Description of shortcut –

  • Delete – Delete a message
  • Ctrl N –  Create a new message
  • Ctrl Enter –  Send a message
  • Ctrl Shift O – Open a message
  • Ctrl Shift P –  Print a message
  • Ctrl R –  Reply to a message
  • Ctrl Shift R –  Reply all to a message
  • Ctrl Shift F –  Forward a message
  • Ctrl S – Save a draft message
  • L – Flag a message for follow up
  • Ctrl Shift J –  Mark a message as junk
  • Ctrl Q – Mark a message as read.
  • Ctrl U –  Mark a message as unread
  • Ctrl Shift V –  Move to a folder
  • Ctrl Period –  Open the next message
  • Ctrl Comma – Open the previous message
  • Ctrl Escape –  Close a message
  • Ctrl / – Search your email messages
  • Ctrl F7  – Check spelling
  • Ctrl S – Select all
  • Ctrl S – Deselect all
  • Ctrl F – Go to the inbox
  • Ctrl F – Go to your Drafts folder
  • Ctrl F – Go to your Sent folder
  • Ctrl 0 – Change everything in the page to normal size
  • Ctrl 1 – Switch to tab #1 on the tab strip
  • Ctrl 2 – Switch to tab #2 on the tab strip
  • Ctrl 3 – Switch to tab #3 on the tab strip
  • Ctrl 4 – Switch to tab #4 on the tab strip
  • Ctrl 5 – Switch to tab #5 on the tab strip
  • Ctrl 6 – Switch to tab #6 on the tab strip
  • Ctrl 7 – Switch to tab #7 on the tab strip
  • Ctrl 8 – Switch to tab #8 on the tab strip
  • Ctrl 9 – Switch to the last tab
  • Ctrl = – Enlarge everything on the page
  • Ctrl B – Toggle the bookmarks bar on and off
  • Ctrl Shift B – Open the bookmark manager
  • Ctrl Backspace –  Delete word preceding cursor
  • Ctrl C –  Copy highlighted contact to the clipboard
  • Ctrl D – Bookmark your current webpage
  • Alt D – Highlight the URL.

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[Updated] Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts : Windows 10/8/7
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