How to Fix Hotmail Junk Filter Not Working : 2017 Guide

How to Fix Hotmail Junk Filter Not Working – Have you ever wondered how email clients segregate junk and spams from the regular emails? Well, we all know that your email client is no superhuman or a fully functional thinking network that can distinguish between spam and regular mail, thus it is sometimes common to see that people get junk mail in their regular emails. So has been the case for quite a time with all the Hotmail users in the recent times. Over the past few days, many users have complained of getting spam and junk emails in their inbox that has severely hampered the overall experience of the emailing users.

With this rapid influx of spam people are worried that soon their whole inbox will be filled with junk mail and that their work would be at risk because of this. Everyone loves segregation of real actual required email and all the junk email that lays around with no use at all. Hence today we are looking forward to helping out all our users with the ways through which they can get their email once again separated from all the trash emails that usually come as a drawback of online communication.

Junk filter is something that has been there for email clients since days immemorial. Ever since spam became a thing email clients like Gmail and Hotmail were the first ones to implement amends of junk filtration on their email services. This very important piece of code that separates your required email from all the unnecessary emails is not working well for the Hotmail users and this has led to the mixing up of things in your inbox. This can be easily cured by the steps that we would introduce you all to later on, in this very article.

How to Fix Hotmail Junk Filter Not Working

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Feature – Hotmail Junk Filter

A Junk Filter is quite a necessary tool to separate out spams and help keep clean your inbox. Even though we don’t appreciate this feature that much, we still love to see our inbox clean off of annoying fake emails and spams. It is true that we appreciate things only when we don’t actually have them.

  • The spam filter is one such feature that is our silent savior of the day.
  • People tend to keep notifications on for their email services so that they are able to check out their important emails at a click but think getting notifications every second because of a faulty junk filter that isn’t able to separate out spam from real email.

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Guide to Fix Hotmail Junk Filter Not Working

Today we are here to fix the nonworking junk filter of Hotmail so that users don’t have to deal with constant notifications of all the spam emails that one may receive on their Hotmail account. Here are the steps that would help to keep the junk out and the necessary emails in –

  • Select the options bar / more options bar or the gear icon in your Hotmail navigation bar.
  • Follow the link for ‘filters and reporting’ under the junk email bar.
  • Those the standard option under Junk Email Filter.
  • Click on the Save button.

With the help of above method, The Hotmail Junk Filter will start working smoothly.

How to Fix Hotmail Junk Filter Not Working : 2017 Guide
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